Design Services

Garden of Eve offers a variety of services: consultation and design; full implementation; ongoing maintenance; hourly consultation and advice on your landscape.

After walking around your property with you and listening to your desires and needs, I aim to incorporate them into a design that is suitable to the site as well as meeting your specifications. I try to create a four season garden with plants that have interesting bark or berries, or different shades or textures of foliage, so as to provide beauty and delight in more than just spring and summer.

I work with a group of contractors, but am always on site to oversee the installation.  We do all phases of construction, from hardscaping such as walkways, walls and patios, to plant removal, bed preparation and final installation, as well as pots and containers.  I firmly believe that on-going maintenance is as important for your garden as a regular oil change is for your car, so I highly recommend an annual spring and fall cleanup.